Cardi B wants to leave the United States of America for Nigeria, and she doesn’t want to go alone as she wants her husband, Offset to join her.

Recall that a few days ago, Cardi B announced her plans to leave the United States of America after its president, Donald Trump approved the strike that killed the head of the Iranian Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani which has since gotten everyone worried about a possible World War III.

Teni quickly react over fans that called her amoeba no shape on social media.

Nigerian hip hop singer Teni quickly got angry over fans that called her amoeba on social media.Why will she call me names,is it because I’m fat besides I’m not the only fat person on this earthMy fatness has nothing to do with my future besides I’m better than you that has good shape

Ned Nwoko, I do not understand what is wrong Regina Daniel with this her everyday sickness.

Nigerian billionaire husband Ned Nwoko made this clear to people about Regina Daniel sickness

I do not understand what is wrong with you every time of your life,you spent it on hospital bed why?

I’m sick and tired of all this,i tried all my best for you as your husband but,you still made me feel like have done nothing

This your sickness I don’t think it’s ordinary

I guess you should find a solution to this your everyday sickness oooo

Because I’m tired

Today that was supposed to be a new day as 1st of January, you spent it on hospital bed

I don’t know what to do I’m confused ooooo,i don’t know the nature of her sickness.

I must get married this 2020

Nigeria Hip Hop singer Teni make this clear to her fans that she must get married this year.

I am dew for marriage I want to get married to a responsible man like wizkid

Have been single and I want a man that will be my crown this 2020 someone that will love and understand me

Even if man don’t come to me I will go for them this 2020 somebody should come and marry me,all my fans out there should not be worried about my getting married

I promise you all that is going to be this year

I just pray to almighty GOD to make my dream come true.

Broda shaggi blast Dj cuppy for Talking to him rudely

I’m not your mate,you should learn how to talk to people around you most especially elderly people don’t be rude to people Don’t let your father wealth over whelm you try to learn how to talk to people you’re a woman and one day you will get married and leave with man so you have to learn swallow your pride Don’t take advantage of me because I’m trying to mingle with you that doesn’t give you the opportunity to talk to me any how mind your tongue when you talk I wonder the kind of man that will marry you with this your attitude very rude and pride Too bad of you,you better change or else you will regret it because you’re not going to marry your father’s money neither yours,my advise for you is to turn a new life and and enjoy the life not this pride life you’re living so that you can get a good man to marry you.

May weather blast Anthony Joshua called him, Nigerian voodoo guy

Anthony Joshua is a Nigerian voodoo guy, he’s nothing but a cheat

I know he won the fight against Andy Ruiz only by his voodoo I never want him to win the fight but he cheated I know he has a voodoo From Nigeria but I’m hoping to see the third fight with him Andy Ruiz. Is not going to win I can bet my life

His gonna regret his life and he will never win again

Nigerian actress Regina Daniel blast his billionaire husband Ned Nwoko  for saying  he wants his bride price money back

Nigerian actress Regina Daniel blast his billionaire husband Ned Nwoko for saying he wants his bride price money back.

Regina has not been acting like a good wife I paid a lot of money just to marry her

She’s not acting matured I blame my self for spending a lots of money on her and also wasting my time to get married

I thought she’s going to be a good woman not knowing she’s just a kid

I will make sure I collect all the money I spent on her from day one